What is SmartLipo?

Recently at Beauty in Life we have been hearing rumbling from the beauty world of all things Smartlipo. Whereas regular liposuction can sometimes take longer to heal from, and requires the use of general anaesthesia, SmartLipo treatments doesn’t require much recovery time.

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SmartLipo is for the same purpose that liposuction is for, removing excess/unwanted body fat. It’s done by using a single laser fiber, which goes into your body and melts away the fat. This allows the patient to have their weight decreased by the unneeded fat deposits being removed. SmartLipo is also used for smaller scale jobs such as eliminating a small section of body sag and tightening your curves.


How much does SmartLipo cost?

Anyone who undertakes treatment with SmartLipo will have a different price to pay for the service due to the various different body sizes and areas of treatment. The average person in the UK who will receive SmartLipo treatment will often spend on average £4,000. Due to their being significantly less fat and the area being easier to work with, you’ll find that treatment under the chin costs less than the abdominal area.


How can SmartLipo benefit your life?

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The main benefit of SmartLipo is the aesthetic reasons as it successfully helps you finally get rid of the fat which you have been failing to remove with exercise and dieting, with helps you look younger and healthier. Where traditional liposuction has been known for the removal of large amounts of fat, SmartLipo is more targeted for people who are looking to lose up to around 8 pounds of excess fat. Where traditional methods of liposuction can sometimes involve risk, SmartLiipo is one of the safest fat removal procedures with recovery being on average around a day or two.


What areas of your body can SmartLipo target?

SmartLipo can be used on various different parts of the body in both men and women all without scars and stitches. To give you an idea of all the areas of the body SmartLipo can remove fat from, we have made a concise list:
– Arms
– Thights
– Stomach
– Neck
– Face
– The male breast area
– Jawline/under chin


How many treatments of SmartLipo do you need to see results?

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SmartLipo is a much faster treatment than traditional types of liposuction so you won’t have to receive treatment in instalments. In most cases there is only one treatment needed for SmartLipo. Although usually you’ll go back to the clinic for a check-up.


Where do you go for SmartLipo treatment?

In the UK, there are some clinics where you can undertake SmartLipo treatment with experts. Cosmetic clinics such as Snowberry Lane are one of the clinics which conduct the treatment across various different locations in England. Be sure to check out their website for more extensive information on SmartLipo, as they have listed answers to various questions such as goes SmartLipo hurt? And How effective is SmartLipo Liposculpture?
We hope this article gave you a good insight to what SmartLipo is and how it works. What do you think of the treatment, have you experienced the treatment? Or maybe you are considering it? We want to hear your thoughts, comment below!