What Are Cysts? And How Do You Get Rid of Them?

In this article, our expert health and beauty writers are Beauty In Life will be giving you the complete run down cysts, including what a cyst is, how a cyst is caused, what forms it can come in and what methods there are for treatment.


What is a cyst?

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Cysts can occur on any part of the body within the tissue. Coming in all different sizes from, so small that you can’t see it with the naked eye to the size of tennis balls and even bigger.
A cyst isn’t part of the tissue where it is on the body; it has its own membrane and is located nearby the tissue. The outside of the cyst (which is the part which we see) is named the cyst wall. If inside the sack is filled with pus, then it’ll not be a cyst, but an abscess.


What causes cysts?

Cysts can be caused by an array of different factors, from external and internal elements. In order to give you a better idea, we have decided to construct a list of the main ways which you are likely to develop a cyst.

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• Genetic conditions
• Infections
• Cell defect
• Chronic inflammatory conditions
• Parasite infection
• A break in the vessel
• Blockages of ducts in the body
• Various other injuries
• Tumour
• Errors in embryonic development


What different types of cysts are there?

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As well as all the various different locations of the body a cyst can develop, there are many different types of cysts, in fact there is hundreds. We’ve again, to help you gain a better understanding, constructed a list of what is the most regular within the UK:
• Ganglion or synovial cyst
• Ovarian cyst
• PCOS cyst
• Baker cyst
• Bartholin cyst
• Arachnoid cyst
• Apididymal cysts
• Labial cyst
• Pilonidal cyst
• Nabothian cyst
• Pineal cysts
• Pilar cyst
• Maxillary cyst
Note that this isn’t the full list of cysts which you can experience throughout your life, this is just a list of the ones which is most common.


What cures are there for cysts?

When it comes to curing, or treating a cyst, there is many different approaches in doing so, whether it’s home remedies for some of the less severe cases, or medical attention for some of the more serious versions.


Home remedies for cysts

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There is many home remedies which you can give a go for getting rid of cysts, the most used and recommended approach is applying oils and creams such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, castor oil, anti-fungal cream over night with a clean towel over the cyst, this is a great way to get rid of smaller, less serious cysts on the body.


Seeing a cyst expert

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Across where Beauty In Life are located, England, there is many cosmetic clinics which specialise on the removal of cysts, so go onto Google and look for a clinic which is near yourself. Near our office is the Snowberry Lane clinic, who offer cyst removal treatment, but clinics such as Snowberry are located all over the UK, and are always worth contacting if you feel that your cyst is a more serious than and growing.

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