Reasons to get a tattoo

Are you considering getting a tattoo? If so, it’s a big decision that you’re about to make. It’s an important thing, a tattoo. Each time someone sees that tattoo they might ask questions. Each time you clock it, it’ll remind you of the reason you chose the design or the time you got it. A tattoo isn’t something you rush into. Here’s seven reasons you should get a tattoo.

  1. You feel you need to shout something to everyone you’ve ever met

Honestly if you want to express something and tell everyone you meet, a tattoo is the perfect way to do that. It’s kind of hard to explain, but once you get a tattoo you’ll know exactly what i mean.

  1. You want to raise awareness about something that is important to you

Honestly if you want to express something that needs more awareness then again like number one a tattoo is a brilliant reason. I see tattoos like this all the time raising awareness for things like autism and gay rights.

  1. You’ll be able to wear your memories for longer

In your early 20s you barely have any responsibilities compared to your 40s. Chances are you’ll make some great memories and how great would it be when you find yourself as a 45 year old mom looking in the mirror and remembering what inspired you to get that tattoo? what inspired you to get it two decades earlier? Those feelings and memories will come right back to you.

  1. Your confidence will grow

Getting a tattoo is a big move but if its something you truly love you can show this off and it can improve your confidence. A tattoo can be used to cover scars or birthmarks too.

  1. You can honor your loved ones

Many people honor their family and loved ones through tattoos. Black and grey tattoos are extremely popular for this style. You could even get a copy of their handwriting and have it tattooed on you.

  1. It’ll help you feel better about sticking out in the Crowd.

I don’t mean getting a cliche lower back tattoo or a neck tattoo. Being comfortable about sticking out when you’re in your early 20s is hard but getting a tattoo like that could be a big ice breaker for you.

  1. It’s not really that big of a deal

One of the biggest reason I’ve heard people not wanting a tattoo is they’re worried they will regret it. Most people don’t want to be 35 and have something silly inked into their body. A lot of people do that but chances are they haven’t put too much thought into their tattoo and most likely got it in Ibiza or Magaluf drunk.

However with that being said even if you do hate it 20 years down the line, chances are you’ll love that you hate it. You got it during a time where you were more impulsive and full of fun.

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