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Makeup ideas for spring-summer 2017

This spring we are bolder if it comes to the makeup and keener on experimenting with colours. In the 2017 spring-summer season, the stylists working on the backstage of the fashion shows recommend classic solutions in eye makeup such as smoky eyes, eyeliner lines, coloured pigments and other colours than black mascaras. Have a look on some trends that will be on this season. Continue reading “Makeup ideas for spring-summer 2017”

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7 best moisturising creams

Moisturizing should be an essential part of your skincare routine. Every skin type of any age needs it – it will help an oily skin with acne, hydrate a dry skin type and eliminate the first signs of aging. Moisturizing cream, along with the UV filter cream, is the best way to fight wrinkles as well. Have a look on those 7 creams that can definitely solve most of the skin problems. Continue reading “7 best moisturising creams”

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6 steps to better facial care (think about the pores!)

Even the best cosmetics will not help in the future if we forget now how to take care of the facial skin properly. The consequences of inattentive beauty treatment might result in a grey, tired skin tone, pimples and skin aging. Luckily, it is not hard to prevent from it. Check out here 6 easy steps of an effective facial care that will set your daily routine and boost your look. Continue reading “6 steps to better facial care (think about the pores!)”