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6 steps to better facial care (think about the pores!)

Even the best cosmetics will not help in the future if we forget now how to take care of the facial skin properly. The consequences of inattentive beauty treatment might result in a grey, tired skin tone, pimples and skin aging. Luckily, it is not hard to prevent from it. Check out here 6 easy steps of an effective facial care that will set your daily routine and boost your look.

Makeup removal

The essential task of an evening facial care is to get rid of what has gathered on the skin during the whole day. It may be makeup remnants, air pollution, sweat and dust that settle on the face every day. With so many different pollutants, it is recommended to use an oil based product to properly clean the skin and nourish it. You can get a good price on a remover by using this special little LookFantastic code that’ll make the basket heavier and your checkout price lighter.

Micellar water

The second step of the right facial care and an introduction to the further stages is to restore skin’s normal ph. To do so, wash your skin with the micellar water. Why should not we use the regular water to clean the face? Tap water significantly affects the deterioration of skin protective functions and fasten its drying. It is important to remember it and use the product that can restore the skin to its basic pH after the whole day spent exposed to the pollution.



This step is to be taken when we want to thoroughly clean the skin and get rid of the dead epidermis. It is worth doing it 2-3 times a week depending on the skin type. We let the skin stay younger and give it a healthier look, by regularly removing dead skin cells. Do not do peeling too often though, as it stimulates the exfoliation process. This is way we can do it only few times a week, not every day.

Day cream

If after getting up your skin has been cleansed and toned, then remember to also prepare it for the whole day when it is exposed to stress and harmful environmental effects – changes of the temperature, UV radiation, wind, pollution or air conditioning. If you notice visible signs of aging, mimic and static wrinkles, loss of firmness, test the lifting cream. You do not have problems with discoloration and wrinkles, but you live in a fast-paced environment and you are exposed to constant rush and stress? Your skin needs a light cream to stay oxygenated. If you notice that your skin is thin, loses its firmness and glow, is a good idea to use a cream with the C vitamin.

Night care

After all day, your skin needs some rest, just like you. After an evening cleansing, apply nourishing serum to the skin. Night is a perfect moment to regenerate and rebuild the protective layer. If you notice visible signs of aging, mimic and static wrinkles, loss of firmness, try serum, which will regenerate the skin fibres, visibly smooth and fill wrinkles and improve the oval of your face. If during the day, you were exposed to a stress and negative environmental factors, your skin might have lost its glow and probably looks more stressed than you feel. This means you need to apply a nutrient-rich night cream. Its aim is to stimulate intracellular regeneration and regeneration, neutralize the action of free radicals and reduce signs of stress and fatigue.

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